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Robert G. Leino
Attorney at Law
If you have been hurt or harmed, injured or done wrong, then
please call Robert G. Leino at (212) 706-0749 or (917) 613-5926.
Mr. Leino has been practicing law for 33 years focusing on civil
litigation, including injury cases and commercial cases. Robert G.
Leino is admitted to the courts of New York and Pennsylvania and
handles all aspects of civil law suits, including trials, appeals, and
out of court settlements. We have been serving clients since
1982, helping them recover money damages and cash
settlements for injuries ranging from routine neck and back
injuries to catastrophic brain injuries, and also helping small
businesses obtain cease and desist agreements or recover money
damages for cases involving breach of contract, trademark
infringement or trade secret theft.
611 W. 137th Street, # 1
New York, New York 10031
(212) 706-0749    (917) 613-5926 cell
Email: rgleino@leinolaw.com